Sunday, September 16, 2012

Climbing Course Two...

If you read my blog regularly you will remember Josh and I rock climbing back in August. I had also posted earlier about earning a free class due to a no-show by the instructor. Well today Josh, Mike, and I cashed in on that free class and took the Level II Rock Climbing Class.  This time there were only five of us in the class, as opposed to 13 the first time, so we got more practice in. We learned more technical skills, how to be a lead climber and use more specific climbing tools, and we also made more difficult climbs. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow, but let's just say I was not outdone by any male in my family! I felt like the tortoise of the group; I wasn't the fastest up and down, but I got the job done!  The climb was again on Mt. Erie, but at a different set of rocks. It was another gorgeous day with a gorgeous view.  Thanks Kellen for watching your sisters while we played:)
Josh was often the guinea pig in going first. Here he was practicing repelling.

My honey on his way down.

Josh flying up the wall like Spiderman!

Me as the tortoise on my way up.

Josh made this as a closeup, but I really am at the top!

Mike belaying Josh. You can't tell by this angle, but this was the toughest of all the climbs.

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Eva said...

You guys are all pretty awesome. What a fantastic time!!!!!