Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poor Baby...

Today we had Cocoa spayed, and now looking at the poor girl, I can't help but feel guilty. Of course, it was the right decision, because we hardly have time for puppies, nor do I want a pack of wild dogs howling at my fence, trying to get to my sweet Cocoa. However, as I see her sprawled out on the floor, shaved belly and foot (where her IV was), I can't help but feel bad for not being able to explain it all to her. To make it worse, the poor baby has to go around looking like this...
Who knew they had such a fancy name for the collar though. It's called an elizabethan collar. I do think it is pretty funny that someone at the vet's office personalized it for her though. That way if it ever gets lost, the neighbors know who it belongs to!

And just in case going under the knife wasn't enough to make me feel bad, guess what they found in her system when she threw up from the anesthesia? 

That's right, she had swallowed one of the girls footies. I think it was originally like the pink one in the photo above! I guess she was hungry since she couldn't eat breakfast before the surgery! Hopefully the girls learn a lesson about leaving their belongings lying around.

Despite all this, she still looks adorable as ever, and she even shows her sweet personality every once in awhile, that is, when she's awake. After my first day back with students though, I think I'm feeling as exhausted as she is.

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