Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trumpet Tribute...

Remember all the attention Jaelyn got a year ago regarding her robotic arm that the high school made her? She even made the Seattle news! Well a couple months after that all settled down, the robotics club made her a second arm, one that she could play the trumpet with. She has been playing the baritone since 5th grade, and is pretty good at it. She has been wanting a new challenge, and wanting to play more notes than the baritone plays.  So this week we finally stopped talking and rented a trumpet. She is loving playing it, and has appreciated tips from her dad, who played both instruments when he was younger. She's not allowing me to video just yet, but here's a shot of her practicing. Love the pink arm!

In less exciting news, Mike and I both quietly celebrated our birthdays over the past two weeks. Unlike the last two years, no birthday ended in zero.  Due to my frozen shoulder, I didn't accomplish the bucket list this year I had planned. I plan to fully recover over the winter, so stay tuned.

What do you get the ultimate Sounders fan? A Sounder license plate frame for his new toy!

A little dark, but my parents made me Seahawk earrings. I think Jaelyn loves her panda pajamas (both photos)

I also forgot to mention that Jaelyn is currently playing volleyball for her school. This is the last week of games, and I just now realized that I forgot to get any action photos! She has really been enjoying herself, and has racked up a decent serve. I'll try and at least get a photo of her in uniform, as both her games are away this week. Check back soon for those photos and trumpet noise....