Sunday, August 19, 2012

Josh n' Mom Summer...

The summer seemed to begin and end with Josh and me activities.  From my perspective that has been a good thing but you might have to ask him his opinion, especially since he is going into his senior year, so this may be one of the last summers he's around.

No, it wasn't anything big like China this time, but today Josh and I spent the day experiencing an Intro Rock Climbing Class together. I originally bought the class back in March through Groupon, for Mike, Josh and I, but it was cancelled last week, which in the big picture was good, so that I had another week to rest my ankle. However, since Mike and the girls are in Oregon, Josh and I were on our own (Mike will take the class next week when he gets back, but Josh couldn't do it then).

I thoroughly enjoyed our bonding time, although I have found my boy is a man of few words these days. Less talk, more getting down to business. Wonder where he gets that from??? After a super hot week around here, it was nice to have cooler temps to climb in. I would say it was perfect climbing weather. We hiked up until we reached Sunset Rock on Mt. Erie, which is where we spent our afternoon.
Look how fresh we look on the way up:)
 The first thing we learned and practiced was how to repel.  Some in the group were afraid of heights, but both Josh and I took to this part quickly. Our second practice we did side by side and someone snapped our photo from below (sorry some of the photos are dark, but my cell phone has no zoom or flash). If you know the Crebbin family you know we can make a competition out of anything. And just so you know, I beat Josh to the bottom, but he says he had further to go to the ground. Excuses!
After everyone made a couple trips down, we put on the climbing shoes and went at it. In the beginning there were ropes in three spots to climb, each with a slightly different degree of difficulty. I did the first two without much problem, but wasn't so sure as I watched some people struggle through the third. However, not being one to back down from a challenge, I went for it and had success.
Josh made it look easy, but trust me, it wasn't.
Normally I don't post so many butt shots, but I had no other way to prove I did it.

After everyone got more practice in, two more ropes and climbs were added, with yet higher degree of difficulty. Again, I wasn't sure I could make this one, but once again I surprised myself. I didn't climb quite as quickly as Spidey Josh, but I did it nonetheless.  After four climbs I was pooped, and hearing my muscles talk me out of another trip up,  I forewent the last one and instead, left it for the teens and twenty-somethings in our class.
On his way up.

Getting ready to repel down.
Tomorrow is my first day back to volleyball, and I'm afraid I am going to have some sore legs and arms.  Maybe I will have more pity on the volleyball players this week, as they are always complaining about being sore the first few days. But then again, maybe I won't! Mike and the girls come home Tuesday, and then he takes the class next Saturday, and then we are all planning to take the Level II course in September, if we can find a time when we can do it all together.  I'm hoping he has some good photos on the camera so that I can post about their trip to Sun River.

Thanks for a memorable summer Josh. I love you!

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