Friday, August 23, 2013

1800+ miles...

1800 is the number of miles we drove in 10 days, winding up our summer.  Here's the brief summary...

575 on Sylvia in three days, which I might add she averaged 33.8 mpg, to my 30th class reunion!
Excuse the flash on the left, but this photo was too good of us not to post. We are truly BFF's, since freshman year!

Touring the old stomping grounds. Yep, that's me hanging off the "P."
Once home, the following day we packed up the van for the 371 mile monotonous drive to WSU...
Josh's longtime friend Dakota helped move in.
Sweet photo of two of my favorite boys!

Love this one!

Stadium is right in the center of the campus. This is a patio off of the Student Union where you can watch from.

Another view from the patio.

These two bad boys on Kaia and Jaelyn's bikes! Think they're ready for college?
 Next day, 400 miles to meet up with family in Sun River...
Fun with Uncle Rob and Aunt Alisha

Don't worry, Jaelyn came up smiling.

Kaia wisely plugged her nose at the end!

Hanging with Uncle Cory and new friend Isaac.
As you can see, we hung out a lot at the SHARC. The girls would barely stop to eat, so would be famished when we would get back to the condo! Unfortunately we did not get to see Mame much, as she was suffering from a pinch nerve and spent most of the time in bed:(

Four days later, a quick 178 miles to Portland for a quick visit with family, then the final 265 miles one day later.

If you have been following my blog this summer, you know I have done an unusual amount of traveling this summer. Where I have loved every minute of it, I must confess that I am sleeping much more soundly in my own bed now, and looking forward to getting into the routine of school soon. I can't believe I just typed that!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome Sylvia...

We have a rather unusual tradition at the Crebbin household of naming our vehicles. Over the years we have had Betsy (our Pathfinder), Tori (Taurus), Vanna (2007 Grand Caravan), Yvette (Kellen's Aveo), etc.  And now we tearfully say goodbye to Goldie (2001 Grand Caravan), and Hello Sexy Sylvia!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Friday we had to apologize to all the locals for a torrential day of rain. You see, we basically made it the entire month of July without any measurable rain. Then comes August, generally our best month of the year. Jaelyn was scheduled to have her first soccer game with the Whidbey Islanders. That's where the apology came in. Soccer = rain! I even had to go out and buy a golf umbrella.  Thankfully it wasn't too cold, as we got wet cheering her on despite the weather.  They ended in a tie, not bad for their first game. Jaelyn even had an assist.

The rest of the weekend was back to our beautiful summer weather. Sunday we browsed the Anacortes Arts & Crafts Festival, where the girls got these (not sure what the reptile theme was about)...
Josh is off at camp this week, his last hurrah before he heads to school.  Mike finished the deck redo in back, so projects are winding up.  We are not done with summer yet though. Cramming in two more trips this month. Stay tuned...