Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rock Climbing Tease...

I was hoping to have some impressive rock climbing action photos to post from yesterday, but alas, I have none.  It wasn't the ankle that held me back from participating though. In fact, once last week's MRI showed no break, and the doctor told me I could not hurt it anymore than it was, I was ready to start getting up and around. So I decided not to cancel the climbing class I purchased last March for Josh, Mike and I.  I would at least do what I could.

However, when we showed up for the class, no one else was around! So frustrating, as we had coaxed Kellen and his girlfriend to show up early so we could make the 1/2 hr. drive to class. Turns out they forgot to email us to tell us the class was cancelled, so as a consolation, they have offered us the Level II class for free. So I guess it will work out for the better, plus I get another week to let my still sore and swollen ankle rest.  The downside is that since Josh's football begins tomorrow, and volleyball next Monday, there is really no time left where we can all do it together. So Josh and I will take the class this Sunday while Mike and the girls are in Sun River with his mom, and Mike will take the class alone the following weekend. Hopefully we can all do the Level II class together. If all goes well I should have some photos to post next weekend.

For now, here are some photos from Cocoa's first trip to the beach. With the way she loves to get into our pond, I thought she would dive right into the water. However, she was afraid of the waves, but trying to eat all the seaweed on the beach. Next time one of us needs to be prepared to take her further out in the water, and I'm sure there will be no turning back.

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