Thursday, September 20, 2012


We were surprised to learn last week that Kaia was getting braces this week! She had been wearing an appliance on the roof of her mouth (I'll save you the photos, but it spreads the top teeth apart), and we thought she would be wearing it until her surgery, but I think the fact that she broke it twice in five weeks made the orthodontist go to plan B! Also, her cross bite was grinding down the crooked tooth that is growing sideways in her cleft, which we want to save, so he decided to change course to save that tooth from getting ruined. Thus the braces to start turning that tooth, which is coming in sideways. It has to happen slowly though, as there is no bone for it to turn into before the surgery, so it has to be perfect timing. Like the eye patch she wore earlier last year, the braces are still a novelty that I'm afraid may wear off. But for now I'll enjoy her smile...CHEESE!

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