Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Have Been Remiss...

Forgive me, but I have been remiss in mentioning my husband's results in the Whidbey Half Marathon he ran while I was with Josh for Mom's Weekend. In the age group of males 45-49, he took second place.  Even better yet, in the Master's category, he took 10th overall. Mike is quick to point out that in both of those categories, no one older than him finished ahead of him!  He is also quick to point out that he is completely satisfied with running the half, and has no desire to run a whole marathon. Hmmmm, we shall see about that. I have a feeling I may reference this post some day in the future, after he successfully finishes his first full:)  Proud of you and your hard work babe!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cougar Mom...

I must admit, I am a Cougar Mom. No, not that kind of Cougar Mom, but a mother of a WSU Cougar! This past weekend I made the 6+ hour trek to hang out with Josh for Mom's weekend. We had a great time together hanging out on campus, being silly, and even a few adult talks here and there. Here are some highlights...

"Was" a beautiful sunny day to watch the Cougs scrimmage

Josh's friend Dakota made the team. His mom was my partner for the drive.

Josh and Dakota have been buddies since middle school when they were on the wrestling team together. They have now decided to room together for next school year...

Following the scrimmage, we walked over to the baseball stadium where I cheered my Beavs on to victory over the Cougs!  Butch, WSU's mascot, was at the game too. Josh absolutely loves the antics Butch pulls (I think the students watch him more than the games sometimes), so I had to take a Mom's weekend photo with Butch! He was pretty funny though. Held and kissed my hand, then motioned for me to call him as he walked away.

See the clouds in the sky? Scroll back up and look at the blue sky just a little over an hour before...
Yep, the clouds, wind and rain came out of nowhere, and we weren't prepared. Josh was in shorts and a t-shirt.  We held on until the 7th inning, longer than most of the packed stands, but we made a run for it when it turned to hail!

Had a small world experience while I was there. One of the girls whom has traveled to China with me on multiple mission trips was in Pullman the same weekend. Mind you she is originally from California, and now lives in Chicago! She and her family were in town for a job interview. She saw my post on facebook about me being in Pullman, so got word to me. Was great catching up with her and meeting her beautiful twins, if even for just a bit.

Saturday night Josh and I had a great time at the Jerry Seinfeld performance. We wrapped the weekend up with a morning of worshiping at Josh's church. It was a great way to bring our good time to a close. Only four weeks now until he's home for the summer....

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Double Digits...

It's official; we are getting old, as our youngest is now in double digits! Look how grown up she looks in this outfit we bought her.  Make it bright, layered and flared so she can spin in it, and it's a hit with Kaia!
Kaia chose to eat at where else, our local Chinese buffet that the girls always select for their special celebrations no matter how much we try to talk them out of it! The night before Kaia's birthday, Jaelyn tearfully admitted to be jealous of the gift she was giving Kaia. The coveted gift was a Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow.  She was over it by the evening she gave it to her sister, and they both enjoyed practicing their aim on Dad!  They can't wait to have a big Nerf fight when all the siblings are together this summer (On a side note, Josh recently confessed he got all his Nerf guns confiscated at his dorm!).

Kaia's party was held over the weekend at a local pottery studio.  Since I was with Josh for Mom's Weekend (more on that later), Mike was a good dad and handled the party without me. He and Kellen had as much fun painting as the girls did!

Mike's work...even cuter after it was glazed!

Kellen's cup...
She is really into origami right now, so she especially liked Kellen's gift.

We are now in the extended family birthday-free stage.  I'm sure we will have plenty of other excuses to party it up with the family before celebrations start up again the end of August!

Monday, April 14, 2014

To Nationals or Not???

Life has been busy since Spring Break ended, so I haven't had a chance to post from the last weekend. On Friday of that week, we headed south to watch Kaia compete at the state tournament. Since the competition was in the same town my brother and sister-in-law live in, we were able to stay at their place. My parents came up to cheer Kaia on too.

Kaia ended with two thirds and a first!  On one of her events, Power Tumbling, she scored her highest of the season, which qualifies her for Nationals. 

She only took third in this event, but what matters is that she met the qualifying score, not what place she took.  Two of her events she competes at Level 4, but in this event she is a Level 5, so it is her best and more difficult event.

Here is a video of her second tumbling run (she has two). The final score is a total of the two.  I was actually sitting at the scoring table for another event, helping add up scores for the trampoline, so it allowed me to video up close.

Here's a photo of the younger girls on the team, and the coaches, as they all competed the same session.

The older girls were in a different session, but despite their ages, they are not all at higher levels than Kaia.

We also fit in plenty of grandparent and alpaca time...
The girls really were having fun; Kaia just decided to try and not smile for every photo (she succeeded)

Mira has loved the girls since she was a baby!

So now we need to decide whether or not we actually go to the National tournament. The upside? It is in our state this year (although still six hours away)! Downside? It is the day after school gets out for me, and the girls and Mike are actually still in school!  If we choose to go, you will definitely see posts on here, so check back mid-June for a possible follow up....

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Spring Breaking It...

Yesterday Mike and I cashed in on the wonderful Christmas that Joshua, Kellen and his girlfriend Elizabeth gave us, a couples massage! We had a relaxing time at the Majestic Spa in Anacortes, about a half hour drive from here. The one hour Swedish massage was sandwiched between eucalyptus steams in the sauna!

The downside to it all, other than having to come back to reality, is that my back is really giving me issues these days.  As relaxing as the whole experience was, it didn't do much to relieve my back tightness.  So for now I am not sleeping well, nor doing much physical activity this spring break (might have overdone it Monday), which means no running, no planting flowers, and no assisting Mike on the remodeling taking place). I have another chiropractor appointment this week, so hoping I will be on the mend again soon.

Mike should be done with his work this afternoon, at least that's the goal, so I can post updated pictures later and share what else is in store.