Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two Week Recap...

Yes, volleyball and teacher prepping have taken over my life, thus the need to recap the past two weeks. A lot has happened, but I will try to keep it brief so that I don't bore you with the details.

While Josh and I were back to football and volleyball, Mike and the girls were enjoying family and the beautiful weather in Sun River. Along with seeing their grandma, cousins, and an uncle, the new water park was the highlight! When I spoke with the girls on the phone, I was thoroughly confused by the "shark" that they kept referencing in the conversation. Turns out they were meaning "SHARC," Sun River Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center" (I like the sound of shark better). Mike and the girls would ride their bikes there a couple times each day, and brought Uncle Pat along one day too.

Two peas in a pod that really seem to become more alike as they grow older.

Fun times with Mame!
I had my annual volleyball party for this year's varsity squad. We continued the tradition of personalizing and decorating our volleyballs, and got a lot of laughs in playing Apples to Apples.
It's hard to believe, but our first born turned twenty-one this week! The family took Kellen and his girlfriend out to Rockfish Grill to celebrate.
You know your child's getting old when they ask for a set of dining table chairs for their birthday, but that's what he did, and that's what he got! He also wanted a Sunday paper delivered, so that's what his siblings got him. So funny. His girlfriend got him a much more fun gift, a pair of converse shoes with one of his favorite comics hand drawn on the toes.
Lastly, our new puppy Cocoa is growing by leaps and bounds. She and Romeo are getting along much better these days. Every time I try to get a picture of them snuggling together they get up and move, so when I can hone my sneakiness skills I can capture the moment. For now though, I am sharing one that Jaelyn snapped of Cocoa snuggling with a toy. And boy, can she snore! We considered not having her spayed and breeding her someday, but we don't think we will have the time or energy, so the poor girl is having surgery on Tuesday.
School begins Tuesday for me, and Thursday for everyone else, so you may not hear from me for awhile:) Don't worry though, I'll come up for air when I need it!

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Eva said...

Well, it sounds like you all had a fabulous two weeks. SHARC sure sounds like a blast. And Kellen looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday celebration. Oh, and how cute all are your girts with their volleyballs? I love it!!!!!