Monday, November 28, 2011

Rest for the Weary....

You think with staying home over the holiday, I would have had time to post to my blog, but I guess I was just plain lazy needing rest! We are always on the go over Christmas, so it is nice to have a slowed-down pace for Thanksgiving, especially since I had three days of conferences preceding the break. We had a lot of family time, enjoyed some competitive games of Disney Charades, ate lots of food, and did a little shopping. I do feel guilty that I didn't snap any photos though, so you'll just have to take my word for it. The only other news to post is that Jaelyn lost another tooth, and had a visit from the parent fairy (her words, not ours)!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Hero!

Josh had quite the scare today when he got called down to the office to see the dean. On the long walk down, he was trying to rack his brain as to what he had done wrong. It didn't help that when he walked in he was greeted by a man who introduced himself as "Detective (fill in the blank). "  When he mentioned the fire investigator in the other room, Josh sighed with relief, as he then knew what he was called down for.

The story starts back on Saturday night when Josh headed out to take the girls to see Puss n' Boots while Mike and I were at an auction. Turns out that Josh's timing was impeccable, as he saved a house from burning to the ground! As he was looking to the left, turning right off our street, he noticed smoke aglow under the street light. When he looked to see the source, he saw flames shooting out of his friends bedroom, so he pulled over, jumped out of the car, and dialed 911. The girls were a bit frightened (but later just more upset they missed the movie). The aide cars arrived very quickly, and were able to contain the fire to Keifer's room. Josh got a hold of him, but found he was off island for the weekend. I truly believe that Josh's timing was ultimately God's perfect timing!

Turns out the investigators still are unsure as to what happened that night, as no one was home, and it seemed to start in the center of a bedroom that was not being used. Josh had to give a statement today as to what happened, and they were asking questions such as "Did you see anyone else around?" or "Did you hear anyone in the bushes?"  So we will be watching the local paper for more information (for now it has only made the police blotter), and I will update if I hear more.

Way to go Josh, you are my hero! To quote Josh's friend, "Dude, Thanks! I'm going to say that a million times."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

D-blog Day!

I know, I know, you are wondering what the heck D-blog Day is, right? Well in a nutshell, D-blog day was started on November 9th 2005 during Diabetes Awareness Month, to help unite diabetes bloggers and create awareness about diabetes. Why is that important you ask? Living with a lifelong invisible illness can be lonely at times, and the many diabetes blogs and interactive community sites that can now be found online, have helped unite those in that community.

I wasn't going to post about D-blog day today, as I don't find my life with diabetes very exciting or interesting to read. However, as I was awoken last night by an obnoxious "beeeeppp," I knew that today was not getting off to a good start (which equals something interesting to write about). You see my continuous glucose monitor receiver, whom I lovingly refer to as Louise (my insulin pump is Thelma), died last night.  The amazingly bright side to that story? I had three days left on my warranty, so they shipped me a new one today!

If you want to view other dblog posts for dblog day, you can find 186 other posts here (or maybe even more now. You may know someone who could benefit from knowing there is a supportive diabetes community out there!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cheap Payoff

Are we terrible parents? We enticed Kellen to take his sisters Trunk or Treating for the mere payoff of this. Wish everything was this easy!

It wasn't like we were trying to get out of being in the cold though, as we wanted to watch Josh's final JV football game (he gets a lot of playing time at the JV level; not so much for varsity). I did get the girls ready though, and snapped some photos before my princess and cowgirl headed out. Note, one of my girls is still very much into horses!

They had fun bonding with their oldest brother, and yes, Josh's team won. From the candy, to the eggnong, to the win, I say it was a good night for us all!