Saturday, August 25, 2012

What the World Needs Now...

Those of you under 40 have no idea what I'm referencing, but the rest of you are singing along with me right now...."is love, sweet love..."

Was happy to see this article today, especially since learning this morning of a former student's suicide earlier this week. He was not even in high school yet.  Breaks. my. heart. Reading the article certainly helped return the smile back to my face, as I feel that the journalist captured our hearts, and got most everything correct:)  Hoping that it brings more attention to the needs of orphans around the world, but this week's events reminded me of the many needs with kids here too.  As I am gearing up for this school year, I remember moments of overwhelming helplessness last year. God give me strength to love on each child who crosses my path. Going to need an extra dose of strength, but it is worth it. Remember to go out of your way and love on some kids this week.  Make it your prayer and I guarantee you will have opportunities come your way!

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