Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Double Bluff, Where Have You Been?

I can't believe we have lived here 20 years now, yet this was our first visit to Double Bluff Beach! You see, the beaches on our island are very rocky, except this one sandy gem we spent the afternoon at today. Temperatures soared well over 80° here, a novelty for us. This was by far the most time we have ever spent in the ocean waters, and no one complained of being cold. The kids even spent time digging in the sand without hitting boulders, and Cocoa actually dog paddled in the water.  The proof is in the pictures...

She was completely covered with sand, except for the eyeballs!

I also realized I forgot to post photos from our community Pig Roast on Sunday. There was free food, live music, and kids activities. The whole family was there and it reinforced what a great community we live in!
Kaia climbing the wall (she's the one in the middle)

My two little pigs + one not so little!

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