Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot Legs...

Remember that song by Rod Stewart in the 80's?  This is anything but hot legs; just wanted to grab your attention....

So Saturday my softball team played in the annual end of season tournament. After winning the first two, we had just begun our third game against the league champs. I was running from first to second when I was hit right on the ankle bone by the male outfielder's throw. Can you say "ow?" At least I think that is what I said. Most importantly I was safe, so after play had stopped I attempted to walk it off. The shortstop asked if I wanted a runner, to which I adamantly said "No, I'll be okay." However, then I made the mistake of looking at my ankle and saw this immediate bump and bruise:
Needless to say I decided to have a runner! As I was leaving the field the umpire told me it was okay to cry, but I told him "No, it's not." I mean, come on, I have my pride, right?

I cheered the team on for the rest of the game but decided to go in for xrays after experiencing an intense amount of pain trying to walk. Fortunately there was no break, and I have been trying to stay off it ever since. I must admit I am not so good at that. Now three days later I have a lovely array of colors from heel to calf, and a bit lumpy, although this picture doesn't really do it justice.
You can tell by the fact that I made this post that I am really bored with just sitting around the house. Thank goodness the Olympics have been on so at least I have that to watch. Mike is attending class off island this week, but he did do a good job at playing nurse while he was home.

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Eva said...

Yikes! You are one tough cookie!!!!