Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Beginnings...

This last week was a fun filled week of new beginnings...

Life with the new puppy continued to be very entertaining. I think she is the mellowest puppy I have ever seen! With Mike and Josh at wrestling camp, we took Cocoa to Oregon, and she is a great traveler. We took her to a couple parks and bought her a puppy pool to keep cool in the heat. She is definitely ALL labrador, completely loving the water. In fact, when she is at our house, she thinks the fountain we have out front is her personal bubbler to drink out of.

When we returned on Monday, Mike got to meet her for the first time, and of course, he adores her. Romeo is still not sure what to think of her. Josh comes home from football camp tomorrow and will be surprised to meet her.

While we were in Portland, I got to meet and hold our newest Williamson family member, my Great Nephew Bradyn.  As an extra special bit, he was born on his Great Great Grandfather's birthday, 93 years apart, on June 27. Bradyn is adorable and loved by all. My niece Tiffany and her husband are adjusting well to parenthood.

Lastly, while in Oregon we attended a beautiful outdoor wedding near Mt. Hood to celebrate a new marriage. The wedding was held at the Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast, where the majestic mountain loomed in the background. My photos do not do the scenery justice, but you get the idea. The girls wore their new dresses I bought in China, and they looked adorable. The wedding was for a childhood friend of mine's son, but the girls were more interested in the horses they found on the grounds!

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Eva said...

Be still my heart. Cocoa is just precious!

And how absolutely crazy, special it is that your great nephew and his great great grandfather share their birthday!

Wanna hear something crazy? My sister-in-law (Patrick's sister) not only shares my maternal grandmother's birthday...they share the same wedding anniversary!!!!