Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Weekend....

Friday both Joshua and Mike began the Ragnar Relay, Josh on team High Milers, made up of 12 male/female high school students, and Mike on team Ultra Edukators, made up of just six middle aged male high school teachers! I'm proud to say that Josh's team took first in the coed high school division, finishing the 200 mile relay in 25.05, and Mike's team took third in their division, finishing in 25.55.   Since I wasn't at the start or finish line, and I volunteered during the 2 am shift, I didn't get a chance to take photos.  There were photos taken at the finish line, so when those get posted on the Ragnar page, I will share them.

My boys didn't get much rest, since we headed to Seattle on Sunday to see our sister-in-law Tonyia. She was in town to send our nephew Morgan to Germany for a month, where he will be playing on a NBC International Travel Basketball Team.  It was a quick trip to Seattle, but we were able to ride the new Seattle Great Wheel ferris wheel that just opened July 1.  The girls were a little disappointed that it wasn't a more exciting ride, but I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful views.
Enclosed cars for the unpredictable Seattle weather. Each car has air conditioning just in case!
View from beneath

We walked just a bit around Pike's Place, as we were trying to be mindful of Mike's sore legs. When you enter through the back way you get  to see the famous "gum wall," which is not for the faint of heart. It is so well known now it even has it's own Wikipedia entry! On a much sweeter note, Mike bought me a bunch of flowers that included my favorite scent, the Starlight Lily.

Josh was excited to find his name already on the wall, so he didn't have to add it!
We wrapped the afternoon up with dinner at The Melting Pot, a delicious fondue restaurant that Kellen has been telling us to go to for quite sometime now. Every course is served as some type of fondue and took us three hours to complete! I think the chocolate fondues were the unanimous favorite, and Jaelyn and Joshua were even caught licking their plates!
After having such a busy summer with us going in different directions, was nice to have at least one day with all of us (well those that live under the same roof) together, even if it was only for a day!


Eva said...

That great wheel looks totally awesome. We had a chance to ride the London Eye when we were there about 8 years ago. Sorry the girls didn't get the adrenaline rush they were hoping for. lol.

It looks like you are having a fun filled summer! Love the bubble gum shot!

Toni said...

I think they are still looking for the rush they got at Disneyworld!

Come on out and you can see the bubble gum wall in person:)