Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth Festivities...

Josh and I have been home nearly a week now, and we feel we have come out of our fog. We have had out of town company since Tuesday, so that forced me to get back into the routine sooner than my lazy body probably would have done on its own! We watched the parade, went to the carnival, the park, the beach, and endless time on the trampoline and the front yard.  We are so fortunate the weather turned more cooperative for us to enjoy the outdoors. I hate to complain about the cool weather though, as the rest of the country seems to be burning up right now. I love our own little eco system up here in the PNW!

As we ran into another friend at the carnival, the four girls had a blast together. My favorite comment of the day came from Kaia, as she exclaimed "We are all adopted!" with such enthusiasm as she pointed to her group of friends. I hope she always feels this good about how she came into our family.
 Not a bad photo, just Jaelyn pretending to fall asleep on me. In reality, it was me who could've closed their eyes and rested:)

I loved the teamwork to haul the kelp up the beach! Three determined young ladies, and yes, they did manage to move it up to the rocks.

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