Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Welcome Cocoa!

Remember this post last month about a new puppy? Well guess, what, dad is gone, so the girls and I took advantage of the situation couldn't resist this cute puppy! Actually he gave me the go ahead to get a dog while he was gone, but I don't really think he believed we would do it. 
 As I type, she is sleeping between my feet as Romeo is keeping an eye on her just a yard away. The girls were giddy today as we brought her home. She is really sweet and mild mannered. Let's hope she stays this way. We are trying to keep her a surprise from Mike and Josh until they come home next week from wrestling camp then football camp.  Let's hope they don't go online between now and then. We were going to wait to name her until they came home, but we realized we needed something, so we chose the obvious, but very appropriate, Cocoa (or is it Coco?). I'm sure there will be many more cute photos to come. This one was shot before we got her; I haven't got her to sit still this long when awake without Romeo or the girls hovering around!

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