Friday, July 27, 2012

Puppy Progress...

At last weeks' vet appointment Cocoa weighed in at 30 pounds, so we were told to put her on a diet. When we unexpectedly had to take her in Monday (more on that later),  we were excited that she hadn't gained any weight since the week before! Everyone tells us "Look at the paws on her; she's going to be huge!" Well here is a look at her pedigree so you can judge for yourself:
Her father, a recent Candadian Grand Champ

Her mother, which must be where she gets her magnetic attraction to water from:)
Although he is getting better, Romeo has been not so warm to Cocoa. Definitely some jealousy going on. Last week Romeo had one of Mike's shoes in the garage, which he was being possessive over. Evidently Cocoa got too curiously near him, so he nipped at her head and gave her a puncture bite. It abscessed, so we had to make a quick return visit to the vet. She had to have the area shaved, drained, then given antibiotics. She is doing just fine, and despite the lumpy forehead, she is still cute as can be.

Romeo has not nipped at her since, and has even played with her a couple times, but still has a long way to go. They are reminding Mike and I of a certain sibling relationship a few years back when one sibling was very jealous when a new sibling showed up in their territory. But as we know, that relationship has come a long way since then, so we have hope:)

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Eva said...

That last little bit about Cocoa and Romeo's relationship being similiar to another group of siblings was quite funny. Cocoa still looks cute...despite her wound.