Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Caught Up...

Spring on Whidbey Island has finally arrived! Ever since returning from Florida, we have been eagerly anticipating it's arrival, and this past weekend we were not disappointed. So maybe it's not the 90° we had in Orlando, but a balmy 60° here is amazing. The garden department at Walmart was packed, as this past weekend was what everyone has been long awaiting for. Following Jaelyn's first soccer game of the season, we came home to plant some seeds the girls got while at Epcot Center, as well as seeds that Grandpa gave me at Christmas from his garden; cosmos, glardia, bachelor buttons, and calendula.
Let's just hope that I can do the seeds justice. For my 94 year old grandpa, his garden is his life! He is charge of all the flowers at the assisted living home he lives at. He tends them like they were his babies, and is very proud to show them off. If the seeds he gave me don't produce, I'm out of the will! Just kidding!  Here he is last summer next to some of the sunflowers he planted.
Another sign of spring....the TOLO girl ask guy dance! Here's Josh all dressed up for the evening. Despite being asked by two different girls within 10 minutes, he went with one "just as friends," which is just fine with this mama!
More sun predicted for this weekend; track and soccer photos to follow.


Eva said...

Wow, your grandpa is gardening at 94?! Good for him!

Hope Josh had a fun time at the dance!

Toni said...

And walking two miles every day too, Eva! He inspires me:)