Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making the Most of it...

Since our plane wasn't scheduled to leave until 6:15 pm (notice I said "scheduled," as it ended up leaving much later),  we made the most of our last day in Orlando. Once we we packed up and cleaned the condo, we headed to Disney BoardWalk to explore some Disney Resorts and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is supposedly bustling in the evening, but during the day it was a relaxing and peaceful stroll.

The girls stopped to get their hair wrapped at a kiosk on the beach...

As our walk around the lake was coming to an end, Kaia leaned over a railing and looked into the water below. She got excited when she saw what appeared to be money floating on the water, so Mike and Josh devised a plan to fish it out with a life preserver and rope they found nearby.

Yep, they scooped up the $20! Kaia bought herself an art project for the plane ride, but did share some cash with her dad and brother. The three boys escaped the heat of the afternoon by watching The Hunger Games at the theater at Downtown Disney, while us girls shopped and ate ice cream.

Despite leaving late, our trip home was uneventful, since they held up the connecting flight in Denver so that the many of us flying to Seattle from Orlando could make the flight. Good thing too, since it would have made our near midnight arrival even later! Easter, the following day, is a blur, but it was nice to have one day of rest before returning to work/school the next day.  So glad we were able to take this memorable vacation; we are truly blessed!

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Eva said...

Amazing that Kaia spotted the money floating below.

What a great way to spend your last day of vacation!