Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not the Happiest Place on Earth...

Continuing from my last post, while Elizabeth and I were out having fun at Downtown Disney, Mike sent me a text to bring gatorade back to the condo, as both boys were throwing up. Upon return, I played nursemaid to the boys, who were quarantined in their room. At one point in the night, Josh crawled into our room and announced that he had thrown up 13 times so far. Such a teenage boy in keeping score!

As dawn arrived, guess who was feeling ill? Let's just say that it was good our condo had three bathrooms, because they were all needed. Elizabeth also joined the boys and I, ending up feeling under the weather that day too, so everyone but Mike and the girls were sick. I didn't want him leaving us for the Happiest Place on Earth, leaving the sickies with no vehicle in case I needed to go in to an ER for hydration (sometimes happens with T1 diabetes and puking), so he graciously played Florence Nightingale, making sure we had plenty of cola and crackers. I think the girls were actually thankful for the break from the constant go we had been on, and they got to hang out and do more swimming.

So sorry, no photos from this day, but trust me, you wouldn't want to see any!

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Eva said...

Absolutely no fun!

I'm just glad you had a condo where you all could spread out and recover.