Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Spaced" Out...

My parents came into town on Thursday night for the weekend, as they are graciously hosting a Creative Avenue jewelry fundraiser for our China Team on Sunday!

In the meantime, my mom headed to Seattle on Friday with Kaia and I, as Kaia an orthodontist checkup at Children's Hospital. It seems Kaia is now ready for spacers to prepare her for the alveolar cleft bone grafting/surgery that she will have in the near future. For the spacers and the regular orthodontia work we will use our local orthodontist that the boys had, Dr. Gardner. Kaia is a bit anxious about the spacers. The surgical work and overall care will be done by Dr. Hitesh P. Kapadia. We will be back at Children's in August.

The best part of our day though was seeing the tulips of Skagit Valley in bloom on our way home from Seattle! Last weekend was the peak of the season for the Tulip Festival, but it is not fun to go during the most crowded time, when everyone from Seattle travels up for the day (although last weekend was gorgeous). Although a bit muddy from all the rain we have had this week, yesterday was the perfect opportunity for some beautiful photos, as it was not raining, but the sky had some great clouds. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Check out the red flowers captured in the rear view mirror!

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Eva said...

Those images are beautiful! What a sight to behold!

I will be praying for Kaia as she prepares for her upcoming surgery.