Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boys' Best Day...

Despite the fact that four of us were still feeling the events of the day before, Wednesday was a highly anticipated day for my boys. You see, Hollywood Studios has Star Tours, which is a Star Wars based 3-D simulator ride, and my boys are Star Wars fans. What they looked forward to even more was creating their own light sabres in the gift shop at the end. They were like little kids in a candy shop! Here is the final product, but they had to wait until after leaving the park to fully extend the light sabres, due to park rules....
Another thing you could do after the ride was have your picture photoshopped to look like a real Star Wars character. I was cheap again and didn't buy the girls photo, just took a picture of it, so the quality is not as good.
Princess Jaeleia

Kaila Secura

But best of all was Michael. He liked his photo so much that he actually bought a poster of it to hang in his classroom to intimidate his students. I give you Emperor Crebbintine..

We waited until later in the day to do the hardcore rollercoasters, so spent another 90°+ afternoon trying to stay cool, but unfortunately a lot of the good shows were outdoor theaters. We enjoyed Beauty & the Beast and the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, but were happy to experience American Idol in an air conditioned studio. Jaelyn impressed me again by riding the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster twice, and going on the Tower of Terror, something my tummy still couldn't even conceive.

 That evening we all went to Downtown Disney, where the girls both entered a Hula Hooping contest. They are both highly skilled hoopers, as they practice before school every day. Jaelyn finished third in her preliminary round, but Kaia finished first in hers, so made the finals, where she finished second overall.

 Afterwards she was asked to choose a parent to come out and show their skills, or lack thereof, and fortunately she chose her daddy!

 You can see for yourself how much fun the girls had...


Eva said...

I LOVE the hula hoop contest! I can't wait to show Caleb!

So glad you guys were able to regroup and have a fun day!

Andrea said...

What an awesome day! LeighAnna is going to love seeing the girls in their Star Wars posters. We are VERY into that right now. And I'd sure love a lesson from the girls on hula hooping! That was amazing. How does one learn?