Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friday, Friday...

Friday was catch up on everything we didn't get to do that we wanted to do day. And yes, that means standing in line for Soarin for two hours! We didn't intend to wait in line for two hours, as when we got in line the wait time sign showed one hour, which was doable. About 45 minutes in they revealed the wait time was 90 minutes. What's 90 minutes? We're already halfway. The at about 90 minutes they announced that wait time was 120 minutes. Now what? Turn back? I'm way too competitive to give up, so we waited it out. Mike and Kaia had decided not to go, as neither are patient enough to wait, so they walked around some of the pavilions, wondering where in the world we were. You see, there was no cell phone coverage inside the tunnel-like area where we were waiting for the ride. Let's just say we were glad that Mike and Kaia were free to burn off their energy outside!

Mike and the girls wanted to complete their Kimpossible mission from the previous day, so the big kids and I caught the Monorail back to Magic Kingdom to accomplish our one goal, Space Mountain! I remember first riding it back in 1977, the year it opened at Disneyland, and my family's first trip there, and I have loved it ever since. It seems to be still just as popular. We grabbed a fast pass, and had plenty of time to kill before our tickets for the evening. Here we are riding the Aladdin Ride (self portrait). Yes, a kiddie ride, very similar to Dumbo, but the camel cooled us off by spitting water on us!
Mike and the girls caught up with us in the afternoon, and the brothers took the sisters for a spin on the Classic Speedway, as that was one of the girls' favorite rides from earlier in the week.
Now Kellen knows how we felt teaching him to drive! 

After another long day, we said farewell to Disneyworld, but hopefully we'll see you again!

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Eva said...

Wow! That's a long wait for one ride. Something similar happened to my sister who was waiting in line to meet the princesses at the Magic Kingdom. They got in a 30 minute line, which morphed into a 90 minute wait. Insane!

Glad you guys had so much fun and got to ride Space Mountain. I don't think I've been on it in almost 20 years!