Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Whirlwind Day...

In trying to post what we did last week, all the days are beginning to blur together. I think I can piece it together though....

On Thursday we started are day back at Epcot, as we were only there briefly Sunday night, and didn't do any of the attractions except for the Illuminations show. The landscaping there was beautiful, and although the lines for attractions were long, the park seems more spread out and less crowded. While we were eating lunch, the ducks came right up to us and ate out of the girls' hands.

Another 90° day, so we tried to stay inside as much as possible. The highlights were the Test Track and Mission Space, a ride that simulates a space shuttle trip to Mars. You can choose the intense trip or the less intense trip; let's just say that the rest of the group said Kaia and I were wise to choose the less intense trip, as they experienced 2.4g's.
Josh and Jaelyn on the Finding Nemo Ride (I got scolded by the workers for snapping this shot).

One way escaped the heat was hanging out in the Nemo & Friends exhibit where the aquariums are. We got to watch the dolphin training, which is quite impressive. We also found one of the Hidden Mickeys underwater.
During the early evening hours we wandered through the World Showcase, featuring various countries from around the world. What made it more fun for the girls was in participating in the Kim Possible Secret Agent hunt that gave them electronic clues to wander through the cities in search of super villians.
Paris and the Eiffel Tower in the background!

Mike, the girls and I hopped the monorail and headed back to the Magic Kingdom for dinner with the princesses and Kaia's birthday celebration. On the way there, walking down Main Street, I heard someone calling "Toni."  As I looked around I was surprised to see a familiar face, a young lady from California who has been on my China team four times. She was in Florida to see her husband graduate from Boot Camp, and was with her in-laws at Disneyworld. It truly is a Small World (insert annoying song here).

The big kids ate dinner in England, then met back up with us later for the Main Street Electrical Parade. I don't know how many times I've seen that parade, but it never gets old, yet hasn't seemed to change. It did not disappoint anyone, from our youngest to our oldest. We stayed for the 11 o'clock parade though, so there were some pretty exhausted bodies when we left (again, from youngest to oldest!).

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Eva said...

How CRAZY that you ran into somebody you knew at Disney??!! We love the aquarium too. How fun that the girls did the Kim Possible hunt!