Monday, July 6, 2009

Travel to HengFeng

Well it was a long day, but we made it safely to HengFeng. We had an early flight out of Beijing, and about 2 hours later we landed in Nanching where the orphanage director met us.
It was a beautiful drive through many rice fields and lush green scenery. Close to four hours later we were in HengFeng, where everyone has been extremely hospitable to us. We definitely are the local attractions here, especially when we went out to the county square where everyone gathers at night. It is very kid friendly, with glow-in-the-dark rollerblades and skateboards, art activities, funny looking inflatable rides (some of the girls rode for 5 yuan, which is less than a dollar, for 5 minutes), break dancing, while the adults have an opportunity to ball room dance. Some of the girls danced with local partners, and then led the electric slide. Crowds gathered around us wherever we walked, especially when I pulled out the polaroid camera that Joyce gave me (thanks Joyce!). Once I took one photo and they saw the results, mothers were bringing their babies to me for photos and children tugging on my arm. The only thing that could've made the evening a wee bit better would be lower humidity. Wow, the sweat just drips off, especially when the crowds would gather around. Oh yeah, and maybe the girls that got stuck for a few minutes would wish for an elevator that works consistently. I think I'm going to get a great workout this week going up and down the stairs to the fifth floor.


Julie R. said...

So glad you made it there safely!! Looks like you had gorgeous weather for the drive, which I'm sure was a welcomed change from the downpour at the Great Wall! You've experienced it all! :) Can you tell us about the kids in the picture doing an art project? Was this at the Square? Is it something your team did, or they were doing when you got there?

Blessings to you all!!! Welcome to HengFeng!!!
Julie R.

Toni said...

Julie, the kids were sitting at tables at the square doing artwork with sand. They also had other activities, such as fishing in little pools. I loved how family oriented it was! Today to see the kids...

Julie R. said...

How awesome!! I wonder if any on our team saw anything like that when we went to the Square. Can't wait to hear about your trip to the orphanage!!! Thinking of you all -- our hearts are there!!!