Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hands of Love....

Hands of Love is the name our team decided to call ourselves, since there is already a "Team HengFeng" that visits this orphanage. The director wanted something he could put on the plaque he had made to hang in honor of our team, and we thought it represented what we did with our time, holding babies and woodwork. We also had a running joke about making hearts with our hands, as that is a symbol the girls in the restaurant made when we answered their questions of why we came to China.

We were pleased to learn this morning that we would not be touring in the afternoon after all, which meant more baby time. The wood crew finished the tables and horses in the am, and the director came up with the great idea of having us all sign our names on each piece. He said that way they would always be reminded of our love, and they would get to tell about us when people asked what all the signatures meant. Also on each piece, one of our girls drew the heart hand symbol and Ying wrote "Hands of Love" in Chinese characters. What I also love about it is that in Chaoyang we painted a vine with our handprints and signature on the wall, so this is in the same tradition. They also hired a professional photographer to take group photos, and by the end, we were all soaked in sweat!

Melanie bought some cakes for a celebration this afternoon. They were beautifully made, and it was nice to serve the staff since they had been so hospitable with us all week. Some of the nannies shared with their little ones, so a lot of the kids had "cake face" this afternoon. They were like little baby birds to their momma, begging for more:)

Leaving is always so tough, and this time was no different. I, personally, am always able to hold it in until I see the nannies crying, and then I lose it. With the help of Ying, I was able to tell the nanny of the room I hung out in a lot that I know how hard she works, and I know how much she loves the children in her room, and I really appreciate it. I may not choose to do it the way the nannies do, but I tell you what, they are pretty amazing ladies. They are on the job all the time, taking care of 6 young babies, doing the laundry, fetching warm water from a building down the way, etc. I can't imagine they get paid much for what they do either. I want to remember to keep them in my prayers, as they have a huge job!

Once again we had local college age kids join us at the orphanage, and they were great help with the woodwork and in the rooms. Also, the staff of the hotel restaurant where we have eaten our last 16 meals wanted a group photo with us. It is always a comedy to watch the poor person who volunteers to take the photo, as they have 10 or so cameras dangling off their arm. What started as a simple photo request ends up quite the production.

Well tomorrow we have to be in the lobby by 5:30, where the director will send us off on our drive back to Nanchang for an 11:45 flight to Beijing. He gave us all copies of the letter he wrote for us, which again, put us all in tears, where along with many other things, he said he would keep us in his prayers. He and all the people of HengFeng have been so sweet and accomodating. I am so thankful for our special, ordained time here.


Julie R. said...

What a wonderful way to close your time there with signing your names and sharing your heart with the nanny!! Love the team name and all that you did there!! So awesome!! Blessings abound!! Glory to God. Pray your trip ends smoothly and safely as you return to the U.S. in the coming days. Thanks so much for sharing your journey! :)

Anonymous said...

You've done an excellent job journaling your trip. It made me feel that I was right alongside you and I hope that someday Steve and I can be there in person. There is no other mission trip I feel as strongly called to.

Love, Andrea

Michelle said...

I am so glad that God put you in that orphanage so He could use your Hands and your Hearts to bless the people there. We serve an amazing, loving God who's timing and placement is perfect!

Praying for a safe journey home!! Blessings!