Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Day and Finally Home!

Sorry to leave everyone hanging, but when we got to Beijing, we did not have internet service. On arriving back at the Beijing airport, us crazy Americans had fun on the carts at the airport.

After we arrived, most of the team went shopping at the Pearl Market, but Kristen, Mike and I headed off on our own adventure. On our walk to Tiananmen Square we were approached by three friendly art students (6 years studying calligraphy and Chinese style painting) who took us to see their art exhibition....didn't realize they were eyeing us as customers, but we got away without having to make a purchase, and enjoyed the educational sidetrip. A couple minutes later we were walking around the square, buying postcards and "gold" medals from the peddlars. Again it was raining, lightning and thundering, but not nearly as bad as at The Wall. The peddlars tried to sell us umbrellas, obviously not knowing we were in our element, being from the Pacific NW! The real adventure began as we figured out the Subway system so that we could meet up for dinner with the rest of the team. Their system is clean and simple to use, not to mention cheap. No matter where you go, the cost is only two yuan, which is around 30 cents!

Our last meal together was Peking Duck, but most were missing the delicious food we ate and HengFeng, not to mention, ready to head home. The West Coast group had to be up and out very early, so we said our goodbyes that night. A latte and souvenirs from Starbucks helped us get rid of the last of our yuan and pass the time. Not so fun was the crazy landing we had in Tokyo, in 25 mph winds (some of us enjoyed it though!), but shortly afterwards the runway was closed. This made both the LA flight and Seattle flight delayed, so we got a little more time to check out the fancy toilets in the Narita airport....notice all the electronic buttons, with options such as "fake flush," "music," and "powerful deodorant." Too funny! The groups then parted ways, and 10 or so hours later, we landed in Seattle.

The trip was a success on many levels. We know of at least one adoption already taking place from HengFeng, and can't wait to welcome her into the US! Hopefully we are able to hear of many more of the children getting their forever families. For now we will keep them and the nannies in our prayers.

Here are our two beautiful girls that welcomed us home. They are modeling their newest Chinese fashions!


Andrea said...

We had a toilet like that when we lived offbase in Japan. My favorite was the heated seat option in winter. The girls look beautiful in their new fashions.


Tonyia said...

Welcome home.

Julie R. said...

Happy to hear about your time in Beijing and your sweet welcome home!! I've never seen hats like that for the girls -- so festive! :) I'm sure you were glad to be off the 10 hour flight -- but jealous that your flight is 10, and ours (Chicago to Beijing) is 13! :)

Who was the adoption in HengFeng??

Welcome home!! So glad you had such a great experience in HengFeng!!