Thursday, July 9, 2009

More adventures...

Guess what we did today??? More snuggling with babies and building tables and chairs! A couple of the girls also brought brushes and barrettes, so we went around combing hair and making the girls look like girls. For the most part they really enjoyed the head massage....I even put one girl to sleep standing up!

Here's a photo with the doctor who treated me yesterday. My foot is a wee bit better today, but more importantly, not any worse.

Ying, Mark and I, escorted by the director and assistant director, also shopped for air conditioners for the orphanage. Mark and I stayed in the bus while they negotiated with the shop, so that they would get a better price than if the "rich" Americans were with them!

Tonight after dinner we walked around the streets and took in all the sites (we actually didn't eat the shrimp eyes, but we did learn that the shells are actually quite tasty). Note the spider, which you can't tell from the photos, but it was HUGE. And that was right after we saw the rat in the sewer!

Just four people on this one...I missed the photo op of the moped with five!


Lydia said...

If you have another opportunity to eat the shrimp, you should totally do it! It was one of my favorite foods in China!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We love seeing what you are doing, we feel more like we are there. Thanks for the update. Darlene Mueller