Sunday, July 19, 2009

HengFeng Diaper Change...

We've been home nearly a week now and find ourselves thinking often of the babies back in HengFeng. I also find myself praying for the nannies, that they have enough energy and love to go around to all the children in their care. They work very hard at what they do, but they really have too many babies to give enough attention to. The director told us that they were saving one of the air conditioners that we purchased for an upstairs room, as their goal is to hire another nanny to bring the ratio of nannies to children down (one nanny to six babies under a year is not ideal). However, the only rooms left are upstairs, which means even warmer rooms during these hot months, so a working air conditioner is a must.

Mike took this video of me changing a babies diaper in the same fashion that the nannies do, only I am much, much slower! Also, notice one layer of the diaper is actually a shirt sleeve! I wish my own children would've held as still as this little one did for me:)

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