Monday, July 16, 2007

Orphanage Day Two

We were unable to post yesterday, so I will try and get you up to date. Also, there are two links on this page that you can view pictures on. Click on the Chaoyang trip link and the other Crebbin family link to read other entries and photos.

Yesterday was a great visit. We were greeted by the kids anxiously awaiting our arrival outside. We spent the morning on the grounds playing with the parachute and on some playground equipment. This boy of around 8 grabbed my hand and had the biggest grin on his face. We had played together the previous day. He seems to have CP and also gets picked on by some of the other children. From his enthusiasm I am thinking he doesn't spend much time outside. Despite the heat and humidity, everyone had a lot of fun. The newspaper was there too taking pictures, so we might be in the local paper today. Tomorrow, when the air conditioners we bought are delivered, the local TV station is supposed to be here. Wow, we'll be famous!

Yesterday afternoon I spent snuggling with a boy who is probably around 2 and spends most of his time in the crib. He also seems to have CP. I would hold him and make these kissing noises which would make him crack up laughing. I will try and post some pictures of me with these boys, but I'm using someone else's photos since mine aren't downloaded to this computer.

To those that have asked, yes, we are standing in the bathroom stalls in the previous photos. We were cracking up laughing and the Chinese women didn't know what to think of us!

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