Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 4....

Sorry Mike, but I lost my heart today! I snuggled with the sweetest little guy today, and he just hangs on for dear life. He has an unrepaired palate, but just came out of the hospital for an ear infection. He whimpers in pain quite often and my motherly instincts kicked in. If I sat down at all he would cry loudly, so of course, I gave him what he wanted. My back is paying for it now!

Today we did not leave the orphanage at all, as we wanted to work on painting through lunch. You can see the progress we made from yesterday and it is beautiful. The nannies and director love it, and keep pointing out new places to paint. We were to have potatoes for lunch, but instead they fixed us a huge spread! They grow all their own veggies at the orphanage, as well as have chickens and pigs. Also, one of our team performed a magic show. They brought in some of the elderly from another building on the grounds and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

The film crew and newspaper journalists were here again today. We actually each received a newspaper from the day before where we were on the front page. The headlines read "Blue eyes help, black eyes smile." We had to chuckle, as only about 6 of the 21 of us actually have blue eyes. But hey, the message was great. The article mentions how we play like big kids! We were also on the 10:00 news last night and received quite a bit of coverage.

Speaking of last night, we went back to the folk dance and joined in this time. We bought fans from the gentleman from the night before and just jumped in with the group. The local people loved it and we gathered quite a crowd afterwards. So along with my sore back, my calves are feeling it.

Check out this picture of the baby diapers. They are made out of a thin cotton that they tie around the waist. It makes for a quick change, but not much barrier for when you're holding the babies!

We were thankful for the rain today as it cleared the air up a bit. Just one more day left here and our time is done. At least for now....

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