Thursday, July 19, 2007

Final Visit

Today was a very emotional day. It started off with our first day of actually seeing the sky. Yesterday's rain cleared off the smog, so it was a nice treat for the final day. We spent the morning playing with the kids and putting our handprints on the wall. It all came together beautifully. We worked through lunch again, so got to spend a lot of time with the kids.

We had a birthday party for the kids in the afternoon. We gave them gift bags and had the most beautiful cakes you have ever seen. Unfortunately they looked better than they tasted. Not that they were bad, but I think we were all hoping for a little taste of home. Just 3 more days!

I thought I was going to be able to hold it all together today when we left, until I saw the nannies crying. I didn't expect that at all, so I lost it. It was so difficult to leave them behind, but know that we shared many smiles and laughs together. Who knows, maybe I'll be back...

Tomorrow we have a 5 hour bus ride back to Shenyang and then we fly back to Beijing. We will do some touring there on Saturday, so I will try and post that night. So long from Chaoyang!

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