Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home, Sweet Home

Last night was my first sleep in my own bed, and boy, did it feel good! I did not get a chance to post while we were in Beijing, so I will fill you in on what went on.

On Friday we headed out early on the 4 1/2 hr. bus ride back to Shenyang. It was so much fun to spend 9,000 yuan shopping...every girls' dream! We actually split into teams to buy specific items. Tonyia and I had the pleasure of shopping for girls clothing. We bought clothing, medicines, toys, etc. for the orphanage. There was nowhere to shop in Chaoyang, so the orphanage director met us at Walmart in Shenyang. During our week at the orphanage, we noted all the items that they needed and tried to get those items.

We then headed to a Korean BBQ restaurant. Barbecue octopus, yum! We only had a 1/2 hr. to tour the local "Forbidden City." It was beautiful, but not enough time there, and I don't even remember the family name. We had to rush out for our flight back to Beijing. We were ready to crash when we finally got to our hotel.

Saturday we had to hit Beijing hard, as this was our last full day. We headed off for the Great Wall early, and that was a good thing since it was very hot and humid, and extremely crowded too. A few of us made it to the top, only to hit lots of traffic jams on the way back down. We then visited a jade market, followed by lots of bargain shopping and a Kung Fu show. Our last hurrah was a Peking Duck dinner.

Sunday started with a rush to the airport, only to find out our plane was 4 hours late! The actual flight was uneventful though, which was good. It was such a joy to be greeted at the airport by my whole family. I have been relishing the simple things since being home; drinking from a fountain, cold milk, real toilet paper! I also haven't forgotten the smiling faces, the reason for the trip. Those memories will forever be with me. Thanks for following my journey, and when you think about it, keep those faces in your prayers too.

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