Friday, April 24, 2015

Disney Pointers...

A wonderful suggestion to all you parents taking your children to a Disney Park, who don't want to hear your children whine about all the novelties they know, "I want ____", "Will you buy me _____?"  This is the third time we have taken children to a theme park, and each child having their own gift cards has saved us from all the above and more.

The first time we went was when the boys were younger. Here's a throwback...
At that time the boys were doing chores to earn money. We took the money they saved (minus the piggy bank that was stolen when our house was burglarized while we were gone for Christmas boys' was spared for some unknown reason) and bought Disney gift cards. They were free to spend on anything, but once it was gone, it's gone.

With the girls this time, I requested some Christmas gifts be in the form of gift cards.  It worked like a charm!  One girl had it spent it all in almost one day. Check out the double ended light sabre she bought.

I think she wanted to keep up with her two brothers from back in 2012. She also picked out a stuffed animal, Marie, from the Aristocats, with an extra long stole like tail. She got lots of compliments on it as it made the flight home with us. Money gone, no mention of wanting anything else;)

Our other daughter was the complete opposite. Every item bought took much thought, and spending didn't happen until near the end of the trip. First item bought was a new pillow pet. What better to sleep on than Bambi...

Next the budding artist bought a How to Draw Disney Princesses book at the art store.  Speaking of drawing, her final purchase was a caricature of herself as Mulan.
 She absolutely loved it, so we framed it when we got home, and it's now hanging proudly in her room.

Thanks Mame and Elizabeth for your gift card gifts! They were well spent, and these parents appreciated the whining you two spared us from. We highly suggest it to every parent!

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