Saturday, April 18, 2015

And She's Off Again...

When we returned from our time a Disneyland, I said hello to the rain, goodbye to my family, and hopped on the last flight of the day to Pullman.  Yep, Mom's weekend happened to be during my Spring Break this year, as opposed to later in April like last year. I didn't know this when I planned our Spring Break trip back in November, and I have no memory of why I decided for us to return on Friday, but it all worked out perfectly! 

Unfortunately the weather wasn't quite as cooperative as it was last year, and coming from the sunny weather I experienced in California, I was a wimp cold. It blew, rained, blew, hailed, and blew while I was there. Anyone Cougar will tell you that's spring at WSU!  We did brave out to watch Josh's roommate's football scrimmage, while we had a break in the weather. Was good to see Dakota get some time on the field.

We spent most of the day walking around the campus and just having some great talks. I'm really proud of the man Joshua is becoming. One of the positive decisions that he has made is to participate in something called Elevate through his church this summer. It is a 10-week spiritual leadership training, where he will be required to be employed 30-40 hours a week in the community, yet be living with 100 or so other students, learning biblical truths and putting them to practice, as well as doing some local church planting. Sound rough? Did I mention it's near the beach in San Diego? Okay, that part sounds great, but it does sound like an exhausting 10 weeks to me! Most of their entire week is structured, so not much time for the kids to get in to trouble;)

Josh is still in the process of fundraising, and is halfway to his goal. He has just over a month to raise the rest of his money. If you are inspired to help him out, follow this link and be sure to put "Joshua Crebbin" in as whom the gift is for. He is working a job on campus now to help raise his funds, but any little bit of donation he would appreciate.  And this mom appreciates helping him along the way to what will be a lifelong impact.

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