Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now Where Was I?

Oh yeah, more spring break photos! The next four days were spent walking multiple miles back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure. I think we did pretty well, timing our fast passes between the two parks so that we never waited more than 30 minutes in a line. The whining was minimal, with the worst being sore feet from not having worn flip flops in nine months, and being too cold. I won't name names though....

The happiest place on Earth...
Since our car didn't want to go, they pushed us most of the way around the track!

Our princesses;)

Nothing like a good old fashioned swing ride.

Fun in Cars Land

I think we rode the Radiator Springs ride more than any other. They scenery looked just like the movie, and it was a blast going fast in the car.
Toon Town

Another opportunity to see what we will be up against in about 4 more years...

We met up one night we two other OH families that were vacationing. Lots of fun and laughter.

Squeezed in a little pool time before we flew out.
This photo of Jaelyn sums it up. She fell fast asleep on the table at lunch one day. Guess we wore her ragged!

We'll leave you with this fun throw back. Many things have changed since we last visited the park...

And that's for better, wouldn't you say? Just wish the boys' had different spring breaks and they could've joined us.

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