Sunday, April 19, 2015

Whew, It's Finally Over...

So Kaia has been celebrating her birthday for nearly a month now. First off, she celebrated with grandparents when she was at her state tumbling meet. Here she is sharing birthday celebrations with her grandpa, whose birthday was a week before.

Next celebration took place the night before her actual birthday. Disneyland gives out birthday buttons, and all day long workers wish you a happy birthday. Since we were flying home on her birthday, she wore the button the day before, and we had a special birthday dinner at the park that included reserved seating (on the ground) for the night time fantasmic show.

On her actual birthday, we decided to drive up Highway 1 to catch some views of the ocean on our way to the airport. Had to let the girls experience In-N-Out Burger while we were in the area. Nothing quite says birthday like eating a burger and a shake outdoors by the ocean.

And lastly, a party with her friends. Other than the fact that the store did not have the cake decorated 1/2 an hour before the party, and the fact that it is very difficult to take photos during Cosmic Bowling, it was a great day to wrap up her month long birthday celebrations...

The girls all decided to make mustaches and beards out of the frosting.

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