Friday, July 26, 2013

Theirrrrrr Back!!!

Today we drove to Cedar Springs Camp to pick up Josh and the girls.  Where I did appreciate my downtime this week to recover from my China travels, I must admit the noise in the car on the way home was refreshing to my soul (just maybe not to Mike!).  Jaelyn told me every detail of her week, then exclaimed, "What, we're here already?" as we came onto the island.  They were tired and dingy, but deny both!  Josh had to stay late to clean up, but I'm guessing he is both too.

One of the fun things they got to do this week was rock climb. Here they are, coincidentally wearing the same color, ready to go...
Here they are together at the top. Kaia is a pro, as she has done this several times before and flies up like Spiderman. However, Jaelyn has never made the top before, so she was pumped (that's her on the right, Kaia on the left). Heard that she inspired other girls to not give up. Think I'm going to hear that a lot in her lifetime.

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