Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last Day at Chaoyang

Today was our final day at the orphanage.  I don't have as many photos from the morning, as I headed off to shop for washers and dryers while the team was blowing bubbles with the children, which is always a hit. And not only can they be blown outside with the children, but the upstairs crib bound children can enjoy them inside too.  While I was gone the team also got a lesson on rolling dumplings and helped prepare our lunch. We loved getting to eat amongst the children for lunch. The huge smiles on their faces as they drank as much soda as they wanted, and loaded their bellies with dumplings, meat, and fresh green beans. It was all so delicious, but we were definitely out ate by the children!
After lunch we painted faces, then prepared for our annual birthday party.  Once again the polaroid camera was a hit with the nannies and the kids.  After yet another long and drawn out photo session, it was all too quickly time to say goodbye. It was heart wrenching to say goodbye to my special friend Min Yur, as she would not look me in the eye, but would not let go of my hand. She understands all too well that I and the team are leaving, yet we leave her hope of our return, and memories of our seven year friendship...

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