Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 3 Chaoyang

It was a packed day for us in Chaoyang today. We began the day at the park with the children. They are always so enthusiastic to go on the rides, and it is so good for them to be out and about. They love the rides and bring a lot of attention while we are out. KFC is a big hit with them too. Most of them out eat us!

We are blessed to have a dentist on our team this year. She spent the afternoon doing some training with some of the staff and some members of the medical staff there on the grounds (there is more than just the orphanage at a social welfare institute).  She then spent time going around showing each child to brush their teeth or how to clean the teeth of those crib bound. We are really hoping she had an impact on the care of the children, as some of the kids are suffering from some pretty severe gum disease and infections that will cause serious problems in these medically fragile kids.

Speaking of medically fragile, we were shocked today to learn that the new four year old that came to the orphanage just this week, passed away last night. She was rushed to the hospital with a high fever and didn't make it. Whereas she seemed pretty miserable being at the orphanage, we did not think it was due to a medical issue (she did appear to have cerebral palsy) or that she was suffering from anything immediate. I am thankful she is in a better place now.

One thing that brought me immense joy today was to tell one of the young boys we call Luke that his forever mom and dad will be coming to pick him up soon. He listened intently as Ying read to him the words in the picture book his parents made for him, explaining whom each of them were. He was excited to see himself in some of the photos, as the family has been to the orphanage twice before. He was also very excited about having a dog. Thanks Krosley family for letting me share in this special time.  I got video of it all to share with you later, and one of our team members, a professional photographer, took many shots of the moment that she will be sharing with you.

After dinner tonight we spent time in the city square that has a Buddhist pagoda. Among the many activities, we borrowed fans and scarves to join with local ladies in a folk dance, as posed for many photos with curious onlookers. 

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be our last day at the orphanage. The traditional party is going to be a memorable time to wrap up this amazing experience thought.

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Pam Krosley said...


We were so honored to have you and Ying share the news with Luke and introduce him to us. He has only 11 more days in that orphanage. Just 11 more days as an orphan. I can't wait!