Monday, July 15, 2013

Out of our Control

This post is based on several emails and face time calls between Toni and Mike.  It may not all exact, but you'll get the point.


So it's Sunday and we are to travel to Chaoyang via plane.  There is one flight a day now between beijing and Chaoyang (compared to the Friday only flight a few years ago).  Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled due to smog in Chaoyang! That's right Chaoyang, not Beijing.  On the brighter side,while in the Beijing airport we met the vice-mayor of Chaoyang (not an elected official, but appointed) and he wants to host us to dinner.  He knew the flight was cancelled before the airline told us, and he was very sorry he didn't have room in his car for our team.

Fortunately, our guide Hai Tao (our guide) has secured accommodations for us near the airport.


 Back to the airport, hoping the conditions have improved.

10 AM Beijing time - We get on the plane only to be told the Beijing weather is too bad and we have to exit.

We are told our flight will be at 5 PM

1 PM Beijing time- Entire Beijing airport is closed due to thunderstorms

Time to Execute Plan B -
Rent a bus and two drivers and drive to Chaoyang!!

Tuesday 3:30 AM Beijing Time (all of China has the same time zone) Get to Chaoyang!

Sleep and then get to the orphanage. 

Sorry there aren't any pictures to post at this time.

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