Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please, No More Snow...

Believe it or not we have had record February snowfall here, but I think we're all in agreement that enough is enough! Mike and the kids are now up to four extra days tacked on to the end of the school year, and from today's boredom, I am thinking they would've rather been in school today than in summer.

The enthusiasm was high to begin with, evident by Josh making a snow angel, in his boxers, at 6 am. The snow came down so quickly in the early hours that we got 3-4 inches in just an hour. The kids and dogs were frolicking around the front yard, while Mike shoveled the driveway (which he would have to do again in just a couple hours). Josh's enthusiasm was outdone by our neighbor girls, who decided to build their snowman while wearing their swimsuits. I was chilled to the bone just watching them! We then did some sledding on our local hill (which was not nearly as conducive to sledding as it was back in Nov.), and snowman making in the front yard (but not as good as these creations from the past). After recovering in the afternoon by watching movies, snow was gathered outside to make Snow Ice Cream, which was quickly devoured; that's when boredom set in.

 It did make for some beautiful scenic pictures though....
Japanese Maple tree in our front yard

Pine trees in our backyard, heavy laden with snow
 Today, the second day home, the kids have been bored, not even feigning their enthusiasm by playing outside! Due to unusually cold temperatures, the snow is supposed to "stick" around for a couple more days, but thankfully school should be back on for tomorrow. With President's Day being this past Monday, why am I feeling so tired if it is just a two-day work week?

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Andrea said...

Crazy! We've had unusually warm weather and hardly any snow at all. It keeps hitting the plains east of us. Our yard looks rather fall-ish actually.