Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well so far it is a snow day, but with the way it is still coming down, and with the forecast, it may turn into plural snow days! We spent the morning playing building a snowman, throwing snow balls, and sledding down the great hill in our neighborhood. The snow is fluffy and dry, not wet like it usually is here, and we have all had a blast.

Check out Josh's sick sense of humor...what can I say, he's a middle schooler!
This adorable photo is from the girls' school's Christmas singalong. We had Kaia's hair cut again this week into a little better shape, now that it has grown out a bit, so their haircuts are similar.


Anonymous said...

Wow! They really are "twins" now with the haircuts! Silly me. I kept wondering what you were doing in Ohio all day long playing in the snow. Surely there couldn't be that much snow in the other OH! Now I get it. ;-) Your storms are heading down and blanketing my mom's house in 2 feet of snow which is why she is still stuck at my house.

Tonyia said...

Not too much snow here right now, but boy is it really, really cold...4 degrees right now. They are anticipating we will get dumped on tonight, but it will have to warm up before anyone can even think about playing in it.

Minnesota Nice said...

Those pics certainly capture the essence of a snow day.
And, love the dresses - somebody sure likes getting those little sweeties all dolled up. Beautiful. Radiant. Merry Christmas1

Toni said...

Thanks Kathy, I do like to dress the girls up every now and then. They told me they were "princesses," in them, but to me, they always are:) Merry Christmas to you too!

Val said...

The girls are gorgeous! And I'm jealous of the snow...we got a dusting to an inch, but it's all been washed away by rain. I want a white Christmas!