Saturday, February 26, 2011

All in His Timing....

I honestly did not think this day would ever come, but I'm happy to say I was wrong! Since we first met Min Hao Li back in 2007, we have wondered why he did not have a family, and have prayed for this to come to fruition. He was an energetic 5-year old who seemed to have the rule of the place;-)  He particularly bonded with a grandfather on our team who affectionately gave him the nickname "Booger," due to his mischievous behavior. Here they are pictured together.

When we returned in 2008, we were disappointed to see that Booger was still there, but excited to learn that he was being adopted by a family in Sweden. That enthusiasm was short lived when we received Chinese New Year photos from the orphanage that following winter, proving Booger was still there. Why was he still there? With being unable to return in 2009, we were anxious to see if he was still there in 2010. We found he was now attending the local boarding school, but he and the other children we had worked with previously, were allowed to come visit with us twice during our stay. We asked what happened to the family in Sweden, and were told that his paperwork had been lost. Again, we advocated for his adoption, and was ensured that they would make it happen. If you understand China politics, or the "Lost in tranlation" concept, then you understand why we did not hold our breath.

It was fun to see how much he has grown up since we last saw him two years ago. Quite the handsome boy now....

However, our God is a mighty God who can doesn't care about roadblocks. I am thrilled to say that Booger's family is now in China, and will soon be bringing him home to the United States! Despite the long journey, it only encourages me more to keep praying for these kids, and continuing our summertime trips to Chaoyang. I like to think that our visits help prepare them for their family some day. Won't you join me in continuing to pray for these precious children?

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