Friday, June 27, 2008

Off to Mexico....

Kellen took off at 3:00 am this morning for a 7:00am flight to Morelia, Mexico. There are 18 kids from his youth group going, and they will be staying in the dorms of a Bible school while there. The first two days there they will be working at an orphanage, followed by two days building walls for a church that currently meets in a tent, then two days of street ministry. Lastly, they will spend a day touring the city. Please pray for good health, safety, team unity, and boldness.

Kellen did call this morning to say they landed at LAX safely, and were ready to board for the next leg of their trip. Here is a picture of his sisters saying goodbye to him last night. This was shot after repeated attempts and being licked. Kaia did not want him to go on a plane, stating "He can't go, I love him." So sweet.

On another note, the play tunnels we purchased for the Choayang Orphanage arrived yesterday, so we had to test out their durability on our kids! I'm pleased to say they passed the test with flying colors, but now I am even more worried about staying under our luggage weight limit...




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Minnesota Nice said...

Toni, those squirrelly little giggles are priceless.