Sunday, June 1, 2008

"I brave!"

The girls have one more week of swimming lessons and are having a grand time. It is amazing to see how far Jaelyn has come in these past four weeks. Jaelyn loves to be in the water, that is, if we are in the kiddie pool, but the big pool, which is where lessons take place, are another thing. The first night Jaelyn had a death grip on the teacher's neck every time she took Jaelyn off the steps, and there were even some tears. Now Jaelyn will make strokes on her tummy and back while out in the deep water with her teacher. She still won't put her head under water, and is hesitant to jump off the side, but as she keeps telling us after lessons, "I brave!" On the other hand, Kaia, as usual, has no fear of the water. She is very busy at the swimming lessons, dunking her head underwater and jumping off the sides. We found a great product, ear band-it, to keep the water out of her ears, as she had been complaining about her ears hurting. She goes back to the ENT in July to possibly get her tubes taken out, but for now we have no concerns.

Just had to post this video. Watch Kaia jump in the water four times to Jaelyn's one. Evidently Jaelyn trust one teacher more than the other:)

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