Sunday, June 22, 2008

Don't forget...

We are in full swing of summer here, although someone forgot to tell the weather here. We have set a record of the coolest June since the 1800's, which with an already mild climate here, is too cold. Throw in a little rain and wind, and wallah, it feels like fall. Enough already!

But in the midst of all the fun and busy-work we've been doing around the house, I can't forget those in China, still living in tents due to the earthquake, with no end in sight. It's summer there too, but what do they get to do to distract them from their trials? So that I don't forget about them, I regularly read Melody Zhang's blog called Hope Song. Here's her profile from her website:

As a reporter for a national Chinese magazine, Melody Zhang met Dwyatt Gantt. The two began finding Chinese orphans homes in the US. It was the beginning of Children’s Hope International – one of the largest adoption and development aid agencies worldwide.

In 1993, Melody moved to CHI's permanent headquarters in St. Louis to spearhead the formation of CHI Foundation. Melody has since returned to Beijing to expand humanitarian projects in her native homeland, joined by her husband and three adopted teenagers and two biological daughters, ages 2 and 4.

Melody is in the trenches of the hardest hit areas of the earthquake. I invite you to follow along, so that you don't forget either. She has many plans as to how to help the locals, but she needs our prayers and finances.

On a related note, our mission trip to China is less than two weeks away, and Kellen leaves this Friday for Morelia, Mexico on his mission trip. I will post more as those trips draw nearer.

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