Monday, January 18, 2016


Two reasons Jaelyn looks more mature and grown up, as of late. Remember her wearing an old pair of Kaia's glasses for Twin Day? Well in late November she mentioned to me that she was having trouble seeing the board in my math class. There is a glare on the board, so I moved her to the front and things seemed to be fine. That is, until she started complaining about her other classes! So we scheduled an appointment over Christmas Break, and found that Jaelyn is nearsighted. So here she is looking adorable in her new glasses. Don't they make her look older?
The second reason it seems she's growing up is because she is! Here she is with her sister, on our way home from celebrating New Year's Eve with friends. We all sang happy birthday to her at midnight, as she turned 12.  They're looking a bit tired here.
She celebrated with friends a couple days later at our local rollerskating rink.
Not too old to love dogs though! She loved this cake.

She had a little too much fun playing dodge ball while rollerskating...
And as a result, three days of missing PE and two missed soccer practices. Frankly, I would have been out for more, but not this girl.
Yikes, one more year and I'll have a teenager in the house again!

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