Sunday, January 31, 2016

Islanders No More...

So sometime during this Fall soccer season, Jaelyn's league changed all their team names from Islanders, to Deception. Turns out there are teams named Islanders. Go figure; we live in the Puget Sound! But after three seasons cheering for the Islanders, we never could get Deception to roll of the tongue right.

But despite the name change, the team did great! Many of them went as a team to two different camps this past summer (thanks to some team sponsors!), and it paid off. They placed second in league. Unfortunately their last two games of the regular season were cancelled, due to the other teams not being able to field a full roster.  In early January we lost a very close game 1-2 in the state cup. The next week was a bit of a letdown, and we lost 3-1.  Sadly, once again, the next opponent couldn't fill a full squad last weekend, so we won the final game of the first round of state by forfeit. Kind of a letdown to end your season that way, as third place doesn't move on.  The girls were proud though, as they should be.

As always Jaelyn, way to work hard! Now it's time for a break. Not long though, as gymnastics competition begins next weekend!

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